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Day 1


We had to skip going to Sochi, Russia. The port was closed to incoming ships due to high winds just as we were arriving. The winds didn’t affect our ship much, but travel to shore on our tenders (no large dock here) would have been impossible. So, we sailed back across the Black Sea and arrived a day early in Istanbul! So here are the bridges, forts and ferries of the Bosporus, as seen from the north side!


The Galata Tower, our pilot boat, ferries, and sardine fishermen – with 15 million people living in Istanbul the roads and waterways are always busy.


The Blue Mosque, distinctive with 6 minarets and so named because of the interior decoration of more than 20,000 blue Iznik tiles.


A lot is happening here this weekend – so the streets are jammed! The Annual Tulip Festival, “Tur’ Başliyor (a bike race), a major soccer game and Istanbul is the 2010 Cultural Capital of Europe.


The Basilica of St. Sophia, one of the world’s most famous religious structures.


The Basilica Cistern, built by Emperor Justinian in 537 AD.


The snack vendors were out in force.


This guy had a great sales shtick for his ice cream!


Outside of the Grand Bazaar in the Old City we found these charming mannequins. They look like they have been on a world cruise!


The Grand Bazaar is the world’s largest bazaar with over 5,000 shops – a maze of lanes and alleys

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