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City on the Crimean Peninsula


Wow. We are in Yalta, on the Black Sea shore in Crimea. Believe it or not, the climate is Mediterranean (not that it’s warm today, though!) with palm trees, vineyards and orchards. No wonder it was a resort for the Russian aristocracy and gentry.


This is Livadia Palace, or the “White Palace”, built by the Czar in 1860. The Romanoff family spent every summer here. In 1945 this was the site of the Yalta Conference where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin decided the fate of post-war Europe.


One of the four sets of lions that surround the White Palace – find little Hästa, Soren and Marika!


The round table in the Great White Hall is where the Yalta meetings took place. FDR stayed in this palace because of his ill health (he died two months later).


We were reminded of the sad fate of Czar Nicholas and his entire family (they are shown in this photo taken 8 years before they were all murdered by the revolutionaries).


Farther along the coast, in Alupka, is Vorontsov’s Palace which we reached by walking through a beautiful park. This was the home of Russia’s wealthiest person. Since it was constructed of local diabas (which is twice as hard as granite), it took twenty years to build. It is where Churchill stayed during the Yalta Conference. Not bad!


In the 19th century Yalta glittered with the talents of Tolstoy, Chekov, Gorky, Tchaikovsky, and Rachmaninoff. But the big three in this photo are Lenin, the Crystal Serenity and world famous McDonalds!


We rode on the “Rope Road”, up Darsan Hill, overlooking Yalta. Aren’t they the smallest tram cars you have ever seen? I think they look like popsicles!


The Nevsky Cathedral’s golden domes as seen from above on the “Rope Road”.


Along the Naberezhnaya (the Sea Promenade) we can see that popcorn is just as popular here as in the USA!

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