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Out of the fog - Day 1

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Somehow, Captain Glenn found Odessa! Fog horns sounded throughout the night, but we arrived on time and when the fog lifted we saw that we were right where we were supposed to be. Odessa is on the northeastern banks of the Black Sea.


These kids are enjoying their Easter vacation with a ride on the Grand Pris.


In “Innocents Abroad” Mark Twain in 1869 wrote of Odessa, “It looked just like an American city, fine broad streets and straight”. With more than a million citizens, the city is rich with cultural diversity.


There is a bakery counter right on the sidewalk – see the Easter cakes on top?


The historical architecture in the city was heavily influenced by French and Italian styles.


The Potemkin Steps – designed so that if you look down them all you see is the landings.


When you look up, all you see is steps (and Ed declining to change money with a local).


There are a lot of poor – the ritzy shops are visited by Russians with a lot of money.


A special treat on our night in Odessa (no not just the champagne) – we were in the Philharmonic Hall to hear a special concert by the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra. It was marvelous!


The 70 piece orchestra is led by American Hobart Earle and they have just returned from an eleven concert tour on the East Coast of the US. In fact, they performed on March 12th in Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts! The musicians and their conductor love Mechanics Hall!

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