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Ancient Treasures

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We sailed into Alexandria’s West Harbor with a nice view of the palace of the last King – now used by the Egyptian Navy.


Traffic in the city is chaotic and noisy. This monument is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, viewed from the rear..


Somehow, carriage drivers find room to “park” their horses.


We toured the National Museum of Alexandria which contains 1,800 pieces of art- none of which have ever been exhibited before. This photo of a photo shows a diver discovering treasures of ancient Alexandria. Just within the past 20 years artifacts were raised during underwater excavations in the ancient port.


Remember Hatshepsut’s Temple from our Valley of the Kings trip? Here she is! (To help us remember the Queen’s name, our guide called her “hot chicken soup”.)


The Alexandrian Library, originally built in 283 BC by Alexander the Great, existed for 600 years as the world’s center of learning. A fire in the 4th century destroyed the Library and its museum, along with half a million volumes. In the open reading area seen here, sunlight coming through the glass windows is filtered through the calming colors of blue and green.


The present library was started in 1995. It is a complex of three buildings and so much information that you’ll have to check out its website for yourself! (www.bibalex.org)


Fort Qaitbey is visible here at the entrance of East Harbor. It is built on the site of the ancient Pharos Light House.


Abu Abbas Al Mursi Mosque


A friend for Lille Hästa – let’s call him Alexander.

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