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Desert Safari to Wadi Rum

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From the Red Sea port of Aqaba, Jordan’s only seaport, you can see Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We travelled north toward the Jordanian desert - the granite hills dramatically show the colors of different minerals.


We arrived in the rose-colored sands of Wadi Rum (the site of the filming of “Lawrence of Arabia”), and our drivers stopped to map out their routes in the sand.


We were deep in the Valley of the Moon and the ancient trade route that made its way through the desert to the Red Sea. Behind us in the photo is the unique formation “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”.


Our driver was present at the birth of this camel baby – just 15 days before.


I climbed a sand dune barefoot – our guide said the sand is great for your feet! Look way behind the boy and donkey – that must be what all those people are doing on that sand dune.


The wind-sculpted sandstone is a perfect fit for Lille Hästa – most people think we have a Trojan horse, not a Swedish one!


Why does everything seem like a movie set? This is real!


Looking back on some of the 4 by 4’s in our convoy.


At the base of this cliff in Al Khazali is a Bedouin-run rest area – we have been told that there is only one tribe of Bedouin left that is still nomadic.


After our desert adventure we went on a shopping adventure in Aqaba. The shuttle dropped us at the Ali Baba restaurant (I am not making that up!). Do I look like I just stepped out of my tent?

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