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Manama is the capital of Bahrain, with modern buildings, clubs and restaurants. The US Navy has a base here, so there is a lot of Western influence. We took a trip to see old Bahrain, traveling 30 minutes to the city of Arad and the 15th century Arad Fort. Lucky us!-an Arab band was having a dress rehearsal in front of the fort. The man in the horse costume is usually seen during a festival – we were told he throws sweets to children during a Halloween-type celebration.


In the old city of Muharraq we visited the former residence of the emir’s great-grandfather. Royal family members no longer live in the city since it has become too crowded.


In the old palace we got a close look at a wind tower. Nice cool breezes come out the bottom.



In the Souk along the back streets we found the Middle East of old – but our guide, an expatriate from Germany, said she and her friends only shop in the air-conditioned malls.


There really is snake oil! Apparently it’s really good for your hair, specially if you leave it on all night!

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