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Qeshm Island – Part 1

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We received a special greeting as we set foot in Iran. We twenty-one travelers were accompanied on our 12 hour adventure by no fewer than 9 guides, security men and drivers. Our three young Iranian guides were very friendly.


Qeshm Island has become a major stop on the ecotourism circuit. Its Hara Marine Forests are said to host 1.5 percent of the world’s entire bird population over the course of a year!


A one hour ferry ride brought us to the island- and a prominent poster reminded us where we were!


All women are required to dress modestly in Iran, with hair covered (wearing a hijab), and loose-fitting clothing that covers arms and legs. Thankfully, the masks are optional! (We asked these women for their permission to take some pictures.)


This is Loft village- the hole in the ground is a former cistern- to catch and store the meager annual rainfall..


Atop most of the houses are these “wind towers”- which catch the winds from over the ocean and provide the houses with air-conditioning.


We were allowed to go into the home of a local family, quite unplanned, but kindly permitted. Grandpa was enjoying his pipe in one of the rooms.


All generations live inside the walls which enclose a central courtyard (where we saw their fishing nets, cooking fire, clothesline, cistern, and motorcycle). There were 2 air conditioners- probably welcome additions to the wind tower.

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