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“Middle East Mystique”


A morning tour of Mumbai (the world’s 2nd largest city by population) was an exciting start to the 4th segment of the World Cruise.


We peeked into the Taj Mahal Hotel, which is still being reconstructed after the terrorist bombing of a few years ago. It is located along Mumbai’s seaside boulevard across from the Gateway of India arch.


Beautiful buildings remain from the time of British rule. These Victorian style buildings house the University of Mumbai.


The government provides schooling for children who beg in the streets with “Doorstop School” buses. We are standing opposite a part of the Victoria Terminus – the train station built during Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee year.


Inside the Church Street Station – see the “Women’s Car”? We took a train for about 10 minutes to go to the dhobi ghats.


On the train – check out the spelling.


The dhobi ghats – each morning, laundry from all over Mumbai is brought here to be soaked, boiled, beaten and thrashed. After being aired, pressed, folded and wrapped the clean bundles are returned from whence they came!.


Here’s something that is unique to Mumbai. Every day some 4000 members of the Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association deliver fresh home-cooked food from 100,000 suburban kitchens to offices in the downtown area. Each meal is prepared by a loving wife or mother and packed into a set of stackable aluminum boxes and are transported to their hungry recipients. Tins are rarely, if ever, lost and always find their way home again to be washed up for the next day’s lunch.

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