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Dear Friends and family

Since boarding ship we have had a very difficult time posting our blog on Travellerspoint. It is taking 10 times longer and at $6 an hour we have already used 9 hours of internet time – so it is getting costly.
For the short term we will be posting just one small picture per port with some text and see if anything can be done to improve things with Travellerspoint (our other web connections for email, banking, etc all work just fine).
If you would like an email from us with additional pictures send us an email at [email protected] and we will create a group to which to send our emails.
We are very excited to share this wonderful adventure and we hope we can continue in some way. Of course, you can go to the Crystal website to see the Serenity itinerary and ship’s cameras and position at sea.

Thanks for your patience
Ed & Ruth (M & D)

Posted by Swenigale 13:58

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